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MPC-HC eLite

This is a slightly modified version of Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC).

The differences with the standard version are:

  • Most of the internal filters have been removed.
    This player should be used in combination with external filters of your own choice.
  • Different icon library.
  • Different installer, with more options.

This player is included in the K-Lite Codec Pack. You don't need to install it separately.


version (4.8 MB)

version (4.8 MB)

version (4.7 MB)


This is the standard version of Media Player Classic Home Cinema.


Version 1.7.4

Development versions:

Nightly builds

Media Player Classic

This is a very old version of Media Player Classic (MPC). Development of MPC has stopped many years ago. Development was continued in the MPC-HC project, and the original MPC has been used as a basis. MPC-HC is still actively being developed, and is the preferred choice of player.


Version r107