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Contents of K-Lite Codec Pack Full

Below you can find a list of all components that are included in the pack. The installer is fully customizable, so you can let it install exactly those components that suit your specific needs.

Contents of version 16.7.0:


  • Media Player Classic Homecinema [version]

DirectShow video decoding filters:

  • LAV Video [version 0.75.1-28-g56705]

DirectShow audio decoding filters:

  • LAV Audio [version 0.75.1-28-g56705]

DirectShow source filters:

  • LAV Splitter [version 0.75.1-28-g56705]

DirectShow audio parsers:

  • DC-Bass Source Mod [version 1.5.2] [x86]

DirectShow subtitle filters:

  • DirectVobSub [xy-VSFilter version]
  • XySubFilter [version]

Other filters:

  • madVR [version 0.92.17]
  • MPC Video Renderer [version]


  • Codec Tweak Tool [version 6.5.5]
  • MediaInfo Lite [version 21.09]

Shell extensions:

  • Icaros ThumbnailProvider [version 3.2.1]
  • Icaros PropertyHandler [version 3.2.1]

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