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Latest version

The latest version of the K-Lite Codec Pack is:

15.2.6 - Normal installer (2019-11-16)

15.2.8 - Cumulative update pack (2019-12-06)

15.2.8 - BETA version (2019-12-06)

Tips for Windows 10

Fix broken audio or missing subtitles for .mkv files when using Windows Media Player

Solution #1: (recommended)

Rename your file from .mkv to .video

This causes WMP to use the DirectShow codecs from K-Lite instead of the Media Foundation codecs from Windows.

Solution #2:

Codec Tweak Tool > Media Foundation > disable for .mkv

Warning: this will break video playback of .mkv files in applications that require Media Foundation.

Playback of HDR video

These are videos with a wider color range than normal.

For playback of these kind of videos we recommend using MPC-HC as player. You also need to use Madvr as the video renderer, because this is the only renderer that is capable of forwarding the HDR metadata to your TV/Monitor. It is also capable of converting the colors to SDR range for playback on normal screens that are not compatible with HDR video.

MPC-HC options > Playback > Output > Video Renderer > Madvr

Playback of UltraHD HDR videos requires modern hardware, with a graphics card (GPU) that supports hardware acceleration of 10-bit HEVC video.

If you are using Windows 8.1 or 10 then we recommend using the D3D11VA hardware acceleration option in the codec pack for best performance with Madvr.

On Windows 7 you need to use DXVA2 Copy-Back. If this gives performance issues, then use DXVA2 Native instead.

Tips for Windows Media Player

Fix missing subtitles for .mp4 files on Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Solution #1: (recommended)

Rename your file from .mkv to .video

This causes WMP to use the DirectShow codecs from K-Lite instead of the Media Foundation codecs from Windows.

Solution #2:

Codec Tweak Tool > Media Foundation > disable for .mp4

Please click on the help button in the Codec Tweak Tool and read the documentation BEFORE using this tweak.
Several applications and also some recent games require Media Foundation for video playback. Disabling it can break playback in those applications!

WMP doesn't use your desired audio or video decoder on Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Codec Tweak Tool > Preferred Decoders > select "Use Merit" for the relevant format(s)
(the K-Lite installer already does this automatically for common formats)

Codec Tweak Tool > MS Codec Tweaks > disable the Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio and/or Video decoder
(please read the help for more details about each specific tweak, including what it can break)

Graphics driver configuration tweaks

Fix bad video playback performance with NVIDIA drivers

NVIDIA control panel > Manage 3D settings > Global Settings > Power Management Mode > Select Adaptive (instead of the default value Optimal)

Fix screen tearing and/or video stuttering with AMD drivers

You need to disable Enhanced Sync and Freesync in the AMD driver settings. Proper video playback requires a constant refresh rate. You can either disable these features globally in the driver settings, or you can create an application profile for MPC-HC and disable them there.

To add an application profile:
AMD settings > Gaming > Add > Browse > "C:\Program Files (x86)\K-Lite Codec Pack\MPC-HC64\mpc-hc64.exe"

Tips for MadVR

Video is black for a few seconds at start of playback

This may happen due to the Focus Assist feature of Windows 10 Build 1803. You can fix it by completely turning off Focus Assist, including its automatic rules.

Report bugs!!!

It is really important that you reports any problems that you may have. The developers of the various codecs can only fix problems if they know they exist. Don't expect others to have the same problems as you. Bugs often only occur with specific combinations of player/settings/hardware/drivers, or only with specific files.

You can report bugs on our forum. The experts there will help diagnose your problem and can often provide you with a direct solution or forward the information to the developers if something needs to be fixed.

Submit your feature requests

If you got a suggestion then please submit it on our forum so we can give proper feedback. It often happens that the requested functionality is already available. We can teach you where to find those options.

File doesn't play?

Submit the details on our forum. We might be able to add support for that format in a future version. For example, if VLC is capable of playing the file, then we can usually make it work rather easily.


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