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Q:What is DXVA?

DXVA is an abbreviation for DirectX Video Acceleration. It is a DirectX API for using a graphics card to assist with the decoding of video.

Q:What are the requirements to make DXVA work?
A:DXVA will only work if:
  • You have a compatible graphics card.
  • The video stream itself is be DXVA compliant.

For DXVA2 Native there are additional requirements:

  • You must use one of the following video renderers:
    EVR Custom Presenter, EVR Sync, EVR, MPC Video Renderer, or madVR.
  • There may be no intermediate filters between the video decoder and the video renderer.
  • No intermediate filters means that you can't use ffdshow for processing raw video. This is already disabled by default.
  • No intermediate filters means that DirectVobSub should not be used for displaying subtitles.
    You should use the internal subtitle filter of MPC if you want to be able to view subtitles. This is already uised by default.
    Options -> Playback -> Output > Subtitle Renderer

DXVA2 copy-back does not have the requirements above. It works with every video renderer, and also with intermediate filters.

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