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Download K-Lite Codec Pack Basic

The Basic variant is very small and contains only the bare essentials needed for multimedia playback. Despite its small size, it is still very powerful and allows playback of practically every known audio and video format.

More details about this variant of the codec pack can be found on its contents and changelog pages.

Detailed differences between the four variants of the codec pack can be found on the comparison of abilities and comparison of contents pages. The other larger variants are: Standard, Full, and Mega.

Version 14.9.9 Basic ~ 16.3 MB ~ June 8th 2019


  • Updated LAV Filters to version 0.74.1-20-gc76c1
  • Updated Codec Tweak Tool to version 6.4.0
  • The installer window is now resizable
  • Fixed rare application hang when unloading VSFilter
  • Fixed a subtitle display issue with VSFilter


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Filename: K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1499_Basic.exe
Size: 16726 KB
MD5: 30eb412072eed1ef0b69aebd99fa3016
SHA256: 91fd68a12fed158dc57c47cb8eac73dd9f1bfd5377b75e6f181f4031c213613c

Genuine K-Lite files always have the exact same filename, size and hashes as indicated above. Do not install downloaded files that have different values.

Windows XP

The last version that is compatible with Windows XP SP3 is version 13.8.5, which can be downloaded HERE.

Old versions

Download links for old versions of the K-Lite Codec Pack can be found HERE.